Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Head Space

I work alone most days, so I spend a lot of time inside my head. Yesterday, I was the third studio mate to a couple of friends of mine who have aquired a huge space to live in and work in. I didn't live there, of course, but I brought all my tools and worked there rent free, of course, because I was inside my head, and also because I have a LOT of tools and the were so greatful that they could use them. It was awesome. It was nice to work with other people again, just like when I was in school...simultaneously working together on different projects while listening to headphones in my own little universe among friends and ghosts.
Last night, while I was vacuuming the school, I gave a 3 hour class on building furniture. I had about a dozen students and they were very polite and absolutely riveted. I spoke of the importance of mechanical drawings, "Your drawing is your map. Without it, how will you know how to get to your destination? If you take the time to do a good drawing with dimensions, the rest is easy...all the answers are right there. You must have a detailed mechanical drawing by our next class, or don't bother coming, because without it you will be lost and I won't be able to help you." From there we discussed the parts list, rough chop list, and the proper way to mill lumber. They learned a lot last night...I even handed out clip boards at one point, so they could be organized like me.
Then reality came slamming back into me and started asking me where this class would be, and would I be liable if someone chopped off a finger? So then I decided I probably could give this class online. Folks could watch the presentation and then use the shop at school to build their furniture. And it would be great, because they could take a break whenever they wanted to, and replay parts until it made sense, reference other parts if they needed to...awesome.
I was trying to explain all this to my husband, but he fell asleep and had the nerve to snore while I was talking. I think head time is essential for growing. It allows us to see what is possible. That being said, I need to get to work. There are tools and ghosts waiting for me. Dave Matthews will probably show up with his guitar again...talking about dreams and digging ditches. I've got places to go and I'm carrying my map.

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  1. My workspace is so small, I have to go outside of it to change my mind..!!