Monday, October 4, 2010

Fine Furnishings Show Recap

I took the summer off. I spent my summer with my kids, enjoying hot days at the pool, trips to the zoo, and a whole lot of nothing. It has been 3 months of producing nothing and having no worries...but that doesn't mean I wasn't anxious to get back into the shop.
September 1st came and I was eager to get back to the shop. So many ideas over the long break were swirling around inside my head. I cranked out 4 pedestals in 4 weeks for the Fine Furnishings Show which took place this past weekend.
Square One Design had our own booth at the show amongst some incredible craftspeople. For 2 1/2 days we were surrounded by amazing furniture, beautiful displays, and a flurry of creative energy. It was fantasticly inspiring. Although there were not many sales, not just in our booth, but in general, it was great exposure and we will do it again.
Ryan was amazing to have along. This was the first show we have done together. When people inquired about the work, he was so quick to direct them to me. It was kind of sad that even though we were standing side by side, 99% of folks would direct their questions to Ryan, assuming the work was his alone. He was fast to correct them, letting them know that I was actually the designer and woodworker, and that his job was sanding and finishing.
I was told (and I don't know for sure if this is 100% true) that I was one of only two women woodworkers in the show. Apparently we are a very rare breed. I met, and liked very much, my woodworking sister, Dolly, from Chicago. I plan to pick her ear about what her career has been like for her as a woman in a field so obviously dominated by men. She brought it up briefly when we first met. We swapped stories about what it was like to visit a lumber yard and have to convince the whole crew of men working there, that you do, in fact, know what you are doing.
I left the show feeling proud of what I have accomplished in my first year out of the gates. I feel so fortunate to have a husband who is supportive and educated and awesome. I am inspired to try some new things and to not worry too much about making pieces that can be easily reproduced, but rather to keep making pieces that are intriguing and fresh.
A big thank you to all who came out to the show! An even bigger thank you to my new virtual buddy, Joe, (legend) who critiqued a pedestal of mine and got me thinking full circle again! Thanks to Dick Ivens for his words of encouragement, Jeff Miller for the reading assignment, Brent Budsberg for being the nicest guy we've ever met, Bruce for following our blog, and Martin for his willingness to head to the pub whenever we ask!


  1. Pub..??, which Pub, and when..??

    Of note, back in the day, my little woodshop named Sundog Enterprises had several employees for a few years. They were all women except for a guy every now and then.

    They would have fun with the lumber delivery guy. The women would all go out to unload the lumber. It never failed that the driver would say something like, "Stand aside missy, I'll do that for you". Of course I was observing through a window. A great lesson in "chivalry".

  2. More women woodworkers in the area.

    Black Earth