Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Social Networking Works

It's pretty arrogant to think that folks are just out there talking about your work. You have to swallow your pride and toot your own horn. I have found facebook to be an incredibly valuable networking tool. At first, I felt a little obnoxious talking about stuff. Am I boasting? Does anyone really care? And the fact is, yes, some people think you are boasting, and yes some people care. Some folks will get tired and hide your updates, but those aren't your customers. Your customers care. Your customers want the updates, some customers are waiting for your updates, some customers will even pounce on those updates.

I love what I do, and I am proud of my work. I am just as excited to make those updates when something gets accomplished, as my customers and friends are to receive them. I have a lot of friends who run their own businesses, and I absolutely love hearing from them and learning from them as well.


  1. WinterFair was not good for sales this year. A first in the eleven times I have done that show. I am humbled.

  2. How come you never comment on the comments?

  3. Arg! I have been, but I can't get them to go thru!

  4. It worked!!! Omg! I wanted to know what you were selling at your holiday show? Sorry that it was a bust. That's how the ff show was for us. Just finished toy boxes and posted them on facebook. Check them out!

  5. I had my full collection of desks, chairs, hall cabinets, and jewelry boxes. Even Saturday's Table II which changes the longer I get to keep it. Never before have I packed so much into the Ody.

    I had a corner booth right next to the main entrance and a womens rest room. Every person that used that restroom got to touch my work twice. My son commented "I hope they all wash their hands".

    The booth was lit with 400 watts of curly bulbs.

    We ate at the neatest diners. I did everything as right as I could.