Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Big Picture

I was taking my afternoon walk the other day, when I had a vision of this awesome woodworking studio. It had tall ceilings with wooden beams running the length. White walls with huge windows near the top, and the sunlight was pouring in. Shiny cement floors, wide open shop, and workbenches galore. I worked there with my whole family. We had a nice break room with a small clean kitchen. I had my own office with windows on one side that looked out, and windows on the other that looked into the workshop where everyone was quietly working on something. I have a huge old school drafting table where I would do the design work, and a nice chair for clients to sit in and tell me what they wanted for their own homes.
We specialized in small scale production style furniture. Designs so simple, we could produce each piece like 10 at a time and sell them at shows. But designs so beautiful we wouldn't even have to work to sell them... they would just sell themselves.
My mom would do all our bookwork and run the office. Dad would produce and sell. Ryan would design, engineer, build, and finish. He would be our materials guy. I would design, build, and mill rough lumber (since that's my specialty) and come up with ingenious ways of doing things. We would teach the kids. Jude would create, produce, sand, and clean the shop. Sammy would create, and dust, and sell.
My friend Father Dan said life should be like a recipe. See the picture of what you want and just take the steps to get there. I finally see the picture.