Monday, February 28, 2011

Take a Detour, Even if it Takes a Couple Weeks!

Once upon a time, I knew someone that we will just call...Hank. Hank was very particular about his craft. He always did things a certain way, and stuck to the same theme over and over. Let's just say, when you saw his work, there was no mistaking it for someone else's. He sold quite a bit of work and I always looked up to him. I figured Hank was doing things right, and so I tried to follow his lead. I gave myself a set of rules to follow. Do this, but dont do that. Use this, but never that. After a few years, i was burnt out, bored, and miserable. What works for some just doesnt work for everyone...and that's okay. That doen't make me any less professional.
Turns out, there is a lot to learn from all that extra stuff. If I was always making hamburgers, how would I ever learn to make my grandmother's chocolate e'claires? Having new creative experiences fuels me. I have recently taken a vacation from furniture design. On my vacation, i knit a baby hat and a beautiful woman's scarf. I made a bunch of buttons and several pairs of wooden earrings. It is now time for me to get back to my "real job" and start working on a new commission. And I am going into it with more knowledge and a freshness that can't be gained anywhere else. Plus, I have a great idea for a three legged table AND a new piece of artwork. Diversions are the doorway to great things.