Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration & Influence

I briefly want to talk about what my daughter and I did over the weekend. We hit the road. We went on an adventure. We set out to explore! We got outta Dodge! Or Grafton as it were, and headed south. We stopped in Mequon and checked out a newer gallery and some cool shops, headed to Frank Allen Gallery and checked out some artwork by an old friend. Then we had a quick lunch and decided to keep going. We wound up exploring the Third Ward in Milwaukee...or part of it anyway. We visited Tory Folliard, Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee Cupcake Company (HELLO!), met some of the members of the potters guild of Milwaukee, ate popcorn, and met a lovely artist named Kathleen. We had a freaking blast! I have to just say props to Milwaukee! What an awesome display of talent and fresh ideas! I love our little big city! We plan on doing this more often! Milwaukee Rocks.

The next thing on my mind is teaching. Frank (former instructor) recommended a book to me awhile back, the Universal Traveler. This book has been instrumental in changing my perspective of my life in general. I can't even begin to describe it. Let's just say that instead of wishing about stuff, I am now just making said stuff happen. I strongly believe that if I had read this book, when I was in school....I don't even know where I might be right now. My point is this. When you feel passionately about something, isn't it your duty to pass it along? I mean, the class I want to teach is a design class, but it also would be setting the students up for what's next. I'm not describing it to the best of my abilities.... Imagine a design class that goes above and beyond objects, but rather blurs the line between what is tangible and intangible. Product design meets designing your own personal future. Sort of life strategy taught thru product design. It's on my mind.


  1. Now, if only milwaukee would buy Fine Craft..!!

    P.S. Are you considering doing the Wisconsin Designers Craft Council summer show, Morning Glory?

  2. Oops! First I need to join it! Dropped a ball!

  3. To finish that story, I did that show in 1977 and again last year. IMHO, neither time was worth the trip and I won't be going back. The WDCC has the kind of politic that I don't flourish in. So there will be one less person applying this year.

  4. Thanks for the insight. One of the reasons I haven't joined many groups is because of politics. There always seems to be some bs that stands in the way of progress. I may have to reconsider joining. There are always other ways to network.

  5. I recently joined the American Crafts Council so I could do their St Paul show this spring. I was a member in the early 80's but didn't maintain membership after I left woodworking, FOREVER, in 1986. I have received two of their magazines so far. Talk about way out there fine craft..!! It makes my head spin.

    The ACC opened my mind to a world outside of my own in 1979. I did a show of theirs in St. Louis and all things changed then. I went wholesale and sold to galleries all over the country. I hired people to help me make my stuff. The ACC shows and wholesale marketing continued until I grew tired of that scene somewhere around 1984. I switched to making computer furniture and selling it to a mailorder company in Madison.