Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking Ahead to Monday

It's Sunday night, and I am gearing up for another week. I am currently working on a cherry coffee table. I can't wait until it's finished!! I really think this one is going to be great! The top is just one solid slab of cherry with natural edges that run the entire length of the table. I cracked the bark off and then just used a wire brush to clean it up. I love the texture, and the rustic feel of it.

Right now, I am working on the base, and more specifically, the joinery. The base is mahogany, which is lovely to work with, and should be a bit darker than the cherry top. I think this bit of contrast will give the table a little adding sea salt to caramel. I am connecting the skirt to the legs with through mortise and tenons. Basically, you will be able to see how everything is attached from the outside of the leg...does that make sense? As I figure this blogging thing out, I will be able to add more photos and plunk them in right where I need them to help me explain things better.

Anyway, I am cutting the tenons by hand for this particular project. I saw Dick Ivens do it once in a demo for some of his students, and I was so impressed that I almost fell off my stool. I am a bit competitive, so I was determined to brush up my hand tool skills! Mahogany lends itself very well to working with hand tools, and the whole process has been slow, but very enjoyable.

So tomorrow, I will be cutting two more tenons. That is probably all I will accomplish tomorrow on the table. There is always a million mommy things to do outside of the workshop...pretty sure other moms out there can relate!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Here is a little trick with the photos that took me awhile to figure out. Whenever you attach a photo it puts it up at the top of the post. Frustrating when that is usually where you don't want it unless it's the first picture. Just click on the photo Ctrl x or Apple X then put your curser where you want the photo and click Ctrl v or Apple V. I spent a lot of time trying to add my photos in the correct order :)

  2. Thanks so much Kim! The photos look so funny at the top like that! I just figured out how to find comments too, as you can see :) Thanks for being my follower!